My Guide Book

A combination of journal and thoughts to ponder…Buy it Here.


4 thoughts on “My Guide Book

    • Good to know… I will look at this as well. I’ve also been using tons of tools from Belle @ TiredofThinkingAboutDrinking. I have her as a sober penpal and numerous podcasts from her too. I used to love the saying “it takes a village” when we would discuss raising children so I’m applying the same saying to me getting sober!!!

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      • I don’t thin it is impossible to do it alone, but why would we choose that when so many people want to help each other. I think alcohol isolates us – or gives us the mentality we SHOULD be isolated. So many people suffering with so many different addictions. If we would all be honest with ourselves and each other – could you imagine what a difference that would make? I ramble…yes, it is so much more tolerable and strengthening to have other people helping us, holding us, lifting us.

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