Recovery…what is it?

How do you know when you’re recovered?  Does this mean that once you don’t drink you’re recovered or once you don’t ever drink you’re recovered?  Two weeks in with none are  you recovered? Interesting concept but I feel I may always be in recovery to keep the alcohol at bay. I’m certainly happy to be considered bad-ass but I’d rather just be known as me, the me who doesn’t drink!


6 thoughts on “Recovery…what is it?

  1. I personally don’t think we ever fully recover. I think about it similar to cancer patients in remission. I think we have a disease – a genetic disorder – of addiction. I think we can medicate with our toolbox, and I think sometimes our addiction can lay dormant – in remission. I don’t think we are ever fully cured. Just my opinion.


    • Totally agree… I like the saying that we’re all bad-ass in confronting our issues but not sure that recovery ever truly takes places. That to me means I would relax and let my guard down which could allow the addiction to sneak back in!

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      • I think that most “recovered” addicts have a sense of humility that is unmatched by no addicts. In that regard, I am thankful for my disease because humility is a hard thing to learn.


  2. I don’t love the language we use to describe addiction and recovery. I agree that recovery is not an event it’s an on-going process. It’s more a case of living your life ‘consciously’ every day. If you remain ‘conscious’ in the moment then addiction can’t creep in. We need to learn a new way of dealing with throughts and feelings otherwise you will always be ‘vulnerable’ to the addiction. The addiction was there to numb bad thougths and feelings.


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