Week One – Day Two

Today I choose not to drink!

10 Reasons Why I Have Fallen Out of Love with Alcohol

  • Feeling worthless – waking up at 3a thinking I’m a horrible person, the crushing guilt and feelings are no way to start the day
  • Feeling guilty – wondering what I said, did or who I hurt
  • Feeling embarrassed – SEE ABOVE –  having to figure out who, what or how I hurt them… Having to admit I didn’t remember the things that were said or done
  • Feeling enslaved – It’s no fun anymore, it’s like being chained to the bottle.  You don’t want it, it’s just there.
  • Family – the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused my family by being drunk
  • Effects on my body – weight gain, ruddiness, upset stomach constantly
  • Money!!!  So many better things to spend money on
  • Time!!! So much eaten up by working and getting home and worrying about when I can get the first drink in and then once I start, it’s hard to stop!!!
  • I like the sober me better… She’s nicer, more together, and much more pleasant to be around.
  • I want to feel better period; mentally, physically, emotionally

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