Week One – Day Three

Today I choose not to drink! So according to the book I’m following I should be feeling the buzz of my AF (alcohol free) existence… That’s not so much true.  My witching hours are between 5 pm – 8 pm… If I can usually make it through those, I’m usually good enough to make it in bed and not be tempted but it’s hard as fu*k…. I don’t feel a buzz, at this point I just feel deprived and I know that’s the booze (or wolfie as Belle calls him – couldn’t do this without her) talking and not anything else.  My doc says he’s not sure it’s simply a bad habit I’ve honed over the years or a true problem, either way it sucks and makes me feel like a total shit for allowing myself to get in this position. I guess I could have labeled this post self-pity… I read I need to keep a gratitude journal so I think I’m going to start a post and I can just go back and add to it each night as well… It can’t hurt to try!!!!


9 thoughts on “Week One – Day Three

  1. I don’t know what book you are reading but day 3 and day 4 are my hardest days. Day 3 is consistently frustrating. Hang in there. Look for some relief on day 6 or 7.

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      • Whoot!! 😊 good job!! Keep accountability close tomorrow! If you get edgy just know it’s probably because the the alcohol is trying to reel you back in. Better days ahead!! One mantra that helped me so much in the past and I am using it this time as well – ask yourself the question, “Do I really want to trade what I want right now for what I REALLY want?”


      • I should have said that the other way around, but I got it screwed up in the beginning so that’s the way it comes out now lol – but hopefully you understand. I heard it on a sermon one time.

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