Week One – Day Four

Today I choose not to drink… Wow Belle is write, bitter is better.. My replacement drink of choice is tonic water with some lemon and it is quite the knack at helping tamp down the desire for a drink… Thank goodness i had it around tonight or i could have turned one up.  Several have told me that 3 and 4 are the worst days so I’m hoping to get a little more positive traction tomorrow….Prayers please!


5 thoughts on “Week One – Day Four

  1. You got this. Something else that helps me is cranberry juice and lime. It’s easy. I get the diet cranberry juice. I also bought lime flavored LaCroix and get them reallllllllly cold. Congrats on Day 4! Tomorrow you may feel better and because of that it may trigger -just be on guard! Good job!

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  2. Yes listen to this if you haven’t already 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼. Good stuff! And also research PAWS if you haven’t. It’s gonna take time for your brain to heal. Keep going no matter what. You will get to the other side! Saying a prayer for you now!

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