Week One – Day Five

Today I chose not to drink….Today was rough…Too much noise going in my brain.  Just wanted it to shut up at times.  I came home and cleaned and cleaned and then took something to calm my brain down…. Ready to go to bed and wake up refreshed with this day in my rearview!!!


9 thoughts on “Week One – Day Five

      • I haven’t made it past 32 days 😩. I honestly think it is a rare individual who can drink for years, quit cold turkey and never think about it again. If you can, then I would challenge you were not actually an alcoholic. It took me about 2 full years not to think about smoking at least weekly. I don’t think about it at all anymore almost 10 years later – can’t even believe I did it for 17 years. I look forward to some more seasoned sober people answering this question. My uncle has been sober 7 years and he drank for his whole adult life…he says he doesn’t even consider it anymore. He know he can’t pick it up again, but he says he is good with that.

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      • 32 days is still 32 days….my longest stint so far has been 13 in the past few years….interesting analogy to smoking as I used to do that too and it took me sevreal years of not doing it to never miss it but on the odd night sometimes the urge still appears….one foot in front of the other.


  1. Wonderful! 5 days! I felt like I was crawling out of my skin around then, and super super fidgety! I cleaned like crazy, cleaned out cupboards and drawers, and did lots of laundry, bought lots of books and read and read and read. My brain felt like it was in overdrive for the first month! You’re doing great kiddo!

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