Week One – Day Seven

Today I choose not to drink….

Today marks a milestone for me, a whole WEEK!!! Not much to many, huge too me. I can count on one hand in the past few years how many times I’ve made it past five days and it’s not many. ┬áMy next goal is two weeks, one step at a time!!!

What has happened this week?

  • No fights or misunderstandings with my husband because I was drinking
  • No rough mornings trying to figure out who I pissed off or embarassed the night before
  • No panic when checking my phone in the morning (Drunk texting is the worst)
  • No having to invent excuses to go to the store every night or every other night to have wine on hand
  • More free time to read, play cards with my kids, relax, just chill out
  • Money saved – $40-$50 on cheap wine
  • Not feeling like you’re at the bottom of the tank, priceless!!!

I LOVE this app SOBER TIME, nothing like seeing it up close!



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