I’m sure it’s the clutter that is in my brain or the fact that I am trying to keep my hands busy BUT I have been doing my best to get rid of clutter in my house, in my cabinets, in my brain… I’ve been cleaning and donating items left and right to Goodwill. I’ve been digging into baking supplies and baking sweets every day to feed my kids (all the while sucking on tonic and lime ) so no sweets for me.  I reorganized my kitchen, cleaned out the hellhole that was my kitchen junk drawer and my laundry room and now I’m thinking I will do my cabinets in the bathroom next.  Is there some sort of correlation of cleaning it out that fits in with trying to get sober, as if I want my house to be as clean as my brain is feeling, or will be feeling??? I’m not sure but the house sure can’t hurt to have some TLC shown to it.

BTW… Day 9 Today!!!


11 thoughts on “Clutter

  1. I really wanted to clean my first few days sober. Part of it was that my life had become so chaotic that I wanted to at least to be somewhat orderly. It seemed to give me a little more peace of mind. ; )

    Congratulations on day 9!

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