Day 17….Ramblings

I’m not sure what switch flipped but I was cranky as hell all weekend not being able to drink….up until now it hasn’t been that bad but geez, all weekend all I could think was I’d love a beer…not wine but a good ice cold beer….I mean beer is not what I abuse usually, it’s wine… I started thinking maybe it’s just wine i have a problem with and that I can have a beer, just one while out to eat or while watching the game…. Really what’s it going to  hurt…. BUT  then I think why do I want to break my motivation, why risk it, if I don’t have a problem than not having it wouldn’t be an issue right…..Damn that voice… why do  I have it, when will it go away…by the way, I didn’t drink, haven’t yet and don’t plan on it, just want the crankiness gone.. so here we are sober day 17….YAY ME!

8 thoughts on “Day 17….Ramblings

  1. I call mine Drunk Donna (my name is Donna). You’re going to hear a lot of that voice in the next few months – and it’s going to be everything from a sweet talker to a pouter to pure anger and resentment. Buckle up 😉
    (PS – You’re doing great! Congrats on 17 days! YAY you!!)

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  2. I get this – even after 5 1/2 years, I get that odd “hey, a nice cold beer would be great, right?” and I think – whoa, I was a wine, then vodka straight guzzler, a beer would do nothing for me. But then again – I NEVER had ONE beer. Ever. It’s a lure! A trap! So I dismiss these thoughts like I would flag a fly away from my face. Don’t let the thought take traction!


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