Double Digits


Today is Day 10… Yay me.  I’ve been following all my blogs, working with Belle  and using the SmartRecovery program these past 10 days to try and help me stay the course.  I’ve been hesitant to tag myself with the AA label and admit that I’m an alcoholic, it seems so negative so I’ve loved the thought process behind SmartRecovery and I love this post even more regarding whether you are or aren’t an alchoholic.

Smart doesn’t tie you to labels (alcoholic, drug addict, etc) because they feel they lead to feelings of hopelessness, they’re move about empowering us to be more confident in our decisions.  Instead of thinking “I will have to fight this all my life” to “I used to have an addictive behavior but choose now not to act that way”. Just the change in syntax makes me feel better and not as hopeless.

I heard a quote in the meeting the other day:  “Addiction is when you align your values to match your behaviors. Recovery is when you align your behaviors to match your values.”

Fingers crossed!!!




19 thoughts on “Double Digits

  1. The labels do my head in. You are doing great! I’m cheering you on honey!!!! I just woke up that day after the fall and realsied that this thing I was drinking was bringing out my worst self. At first I thought I needed the label ‘alcoholic’ to make it official and to keep me on the straight and narrow. There are many ways (groups and methods) to aid successfull long term recovery, what matters is that you do something that works for you and makes you feel good!!! xxxx

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      • Yes its actually quite ridiculous if you think about it. The labels are there so that people who still drink can feel safe in the knowledge that they can continue to drink themselves silly because they are ‘normal drinkers’ and the ‘alcoholics’ are born that way. There is no proof of this theory at all. According the latest medical research alcohol is addictive to all humans. Some may get addicted faster that others due to a myriad of factors but no one is immune.

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  2. Yay you!!!
    If you get discouraged, reread this post! Your higher power is reaching out to you! And you are helping so many other people who are cheering for your recovery, and therefore their own.

    You rock, girl.

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  3. Good to know. It hasn’t been this hard just go around so I’m really worried that part of me it’s just going to go nuts. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m fed up and that’s why it seems to be easier this time I just don’t want to live and some bubble of denial either… it’s always nice to know I’m not the only one struggling with this!

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