This weekend I’ve been all alone… My kids and husband have gone out of town for the weekend and won’t be back until late Sunday evening so I have a weekend to myself. I’m 17 days sober and part of me worried that I would find a reason to drink…  It’s not like anyone will be here to see BUT… there is a BUT… But I don’t want to. I want to stay on this path I’m staying on and stay clean and clear-headed and sure of myself. I don’t want to go back to worrying who I said what to and what they might think.  I don’t want that voice coming back in telling me I’m awful for doing it and should be ashamed of everything.. I want to be the new clean me and I plan on staying that way!!!

So far so good. I’ve read, blogged, stayed busy and avoided all temptations.  I’m feeling solid today that I can still do this. To me this has been one of the first big tests, when they were gone before I would have used it as a reason to drink and drink and drink with no one the wiser…. Not this time!!!

Yay me!!!


9 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. Good for you gagal! I always tend to look at what I can “get away” with- even though the person hurt the most would be me. I think we lushes are all a bunch of ”sneaks” at heart and that is what we have to strive against. But maybe I should speak only for myself!! Keep going girl.

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  2. congrats on Day 17! I had a hard time early on when I was alone. Especially when it came to things like cooking – where I drank almost every time. So learning to do things again, sans booze, was a challenge. But I did it. And so can you! This is a great chance to reconnect with yourself and your reasons for wanting to stay sober.

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