Still here… Day 65

What to say? I am by no means naive to think that I am over this problem of mine but I have found my obsession with it definitely has hit the back burner. I occasionally have a craving but they usually go away rather quickly. La Croix and I have become rather good friends and I dont think twice about dropping monies for a good coffee when the desire is there. Self care is my mantra for now, I’ll focus on calories later.

As we speak, we are coming back from our annual friends trip to the beach where there was lots of fun, sun and alcohol… i had my own cooler with sparkling drinkz, fruit juices etc and when things got especially rowdy I just turned in early. All in sll I was a bit apprehensive about going but quite proud of myself for handling it well.

On to my next goal, Day 100! #tripledigits


9 thoughts on “Still here… Day 65

  1. That’s awesome! Good for you. It is hard and very self disciplining to be able to be around alcohol when you are 65 days in.
    You are taking all he right steps to beat this addidcion!
    Love your La Croix, coffee and yourself!
    I sometimes have Perrier with a splash of cranberry and frozen fruit. MMM Delish. I also put it in a wine glass for the people that don’t know I don’t drink don’t ask me why I’m not drinking!!

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