Things I’m Grateful For

My family – even the crazy ones

My parents  and in-law’s – god knows where we’d be without them by our sides

My Friends- Such a great extended family we have, never a doubt that we have a great network of friends

My health and my families health – even when my back hurts like the dickens

Having a good job which provides a decent roof over my family’s heads

Being able to laugh at my husband’s and kid’s silly jokes

My mini-farm – dogs, cats and various other animals we know and love

Living in a country that allows us many freedoms

Vision – to see the gorgeous sunsets and sunrises (not as many of those seen by me)

Waking up clear-headed and clean and not panicking at the thought of what happened the night before.

No embarrassing conversations about what I did or said while drinking.

Playing cards and games with my kids

No blackouts

Actually enjoying a night out and not worrying about where the next drink is coming from.

The old men at the recycling center not thinking I throw a lot of parties, MAJOR Parties

Time spent more “in” the present.

Sleep (although still struggling)








One thought on “Gratitude

  1. Thing about keeping track of things to be grateful for — it really does change your mindset. And does start to come automatically.

    The other morning, I gave up a bit of thanks for being able heft the coffeepot without a second thought – not always easy on an arthritis kind of morning.

    The more we think abt being grateful, the more we realize how very very important mundane, simple things are.

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